lunar new year day 2 – temple . river hong bao

Went to Cheng Huang Temple. There’s so maaaaaaany lanterns.

There are food stalls here too, got myself a bird nest drink, not because it is nice. I felt dehydrated and that was the cheapest drink.

If you need to bring a girlfriend or boyfriend for CNY next year, come here pray. Lol.


Dinner before we head to River Hong Bao. Hungry and I refuse to get food from there. Queue was very long though, the ban mian was pretty good. 50 cents extra today.


Omgawd! Just nice got fireworks when we reach!

People mountain people sea. 😣

I think everyone was just sticking to each other. People getting in plus the people getting out after they are done seeing fireworks. 😵

Managed to catch the Fortune God sprinkling gold dust and numbers during the human jam.

Finally got in. 😥 Somehow I feel the setup is better than the previous years?

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