snacks from ireland . valentine’s day . reno updates

Manager is back from her trip and I got some candies and chips. No idea if it’s good yet, my throat doesn’t allow me to eat.

Lunch at Amoy Food Market. Porridge again and I hope I can lose a bit of weight. Killing it with a dose of teh halia.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

And I will still say that I used to work at a place that probably contributes to maybe 30% – 40% of the bouquets that the ladies receive on this special day. This year maybe not that much because of Chinese New Year.

Dear guys, thanks for liking the designs that I have come up with. Although they usually don’t turn out like the pictures that I have taken. 😧

Anyways, like any long term couples, or rather… we usually don’t do anything special on this day because I don’t like crowds.

I joined the CNY queue in Fairprice to get my Anlene milk.

Then we just walked around feeling very hungry, I spotted that Subway was quite empty and NO QUEUE.

👧🏻: Subway nobody and got seats.

👦🏻: You want to eat Subway??

👧🏻: Anything. I hungry. That’s the fastest place to get food.

I got my Teriyaki Chicken sub with a scoop of avocado!

Damn satisfied. Better than joining queues, turning hangry at the same time.


House check! Almost almost… The rest will have to wait until after CNY. Hopefully they will be done by the time we are back from Japan.


Talking about Japan… 10 more days till the trip happens!!! I can’t wait!

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