reno updates

Fell sick. Sore throat is here. 😷 Pain until I can’t sleep or I was woken up by it. Haiz.

Went to see the doctor, came back and saw this. Tifa is ‘dead’ asleep. Lol lol.

Tifa is sleeping


Porridge is comfort for the throat.

Minced pork & peanut congee

Visited the house, more carpentary is up today.

Bedroom wardrobe 😍. So massive, I love it. And the lights are perfect.

Drawers for the kitchen cabinets too.

Can’t wait for it to be completed!

We have also started to move some things in. Mostly kitchen appliances, and cleaning tools. Going to arrange for the TV to come too.

#dayrehomes #pipilabiHQ

Dinnering at the house now. To prosperity! (Without the top bun) 😁

Need to find time and start loading up all my past dayre posts here. 😣