reno updates

Quick lunch before I start checking on the house renovation.


My mosiac is in!! Love it! Whoever that comes now will thank us. Hahahha! Because they ‘feel’ safe coming in or leaving the house.


Yay! 50% of kitchen is done.

We tried fitting the stove in but…. Slanted!!! Omgawd. The city gas person is supposed to connect the gas pipe today but we have the change the date in order to fix this issue.


Left the house for a while because we had to change some faulty lights. Had dinner at Sushi Express too.

Salmon sushi with caramelised sugar was not bad.

This yuzu mochi is surprisingly good, if I ignore the milky custard center. 😂


Back in the house and look! The lights are ready! 😍

This person ahhh… keeps playing with the fan. 😒

#dayrehomes #pipilabiHQ