bye dayre . london duck . jinjja chicken

The unfortunate thing has happened. 😭

Freaking sad now. I have so many posts to back up too… since 2013. I even had Dayre Plus. Damn it. 😭

I have to be back here. Back to old school blogging. Luckily there’s a better blogger app now. Phew. 😥 I should try WordPress too, since Google has partner with them.

#goodbyedayre #dayre


Anyways… this is my breakfast this morning from Delifrance.


Not bad la. The chocolate madelaine a bit milky though. 😣 I shall just have original next time.


Lunch at Xi Xiang Kaya Kopitiam was disappointing. Thought it looks not bad but… haiz…

Ban mian

The ban mian soup is so clear… not comforting for stressful people. Tsk tsk. The other food items there also not nice.

And so as to make ourselves feel better, we went to Providore.

Providore sparkling blood orange juice

Organic blood orange sparkling juice is good. Enough for two people to share, after I was done with whatever was in the glass, I still could bring the other half back to office.


Going meet parents to eat at London Duck again! 😋

London duck

Bought a mixed platter of roast duck, roast pork and char siew to share. I wanted the platter with pork ribs but it was sold out.

Dad loves it. He says he can just get plain rice and eat with their chilli because that’s how good their chilli is. 🤣🤣🤣

Second round at Jinjja Chicken because got offer. 😁

Jinjja chicken