reno updates . london duck

Fast fast eat lunch at McDonald’s, need to meet the person who is installing the ceiling fan. The BBQ beef burger with egg tastes damn normal.


Fan installed and most lights are up. 👍

My caesarstone table top is ready! And my alien looking tap. 😍

Unboxing some deliveries from Xiaomi. Here’s the standing fan and my maid which I name, The Rock. The fan is quite strong, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get it.

Oh man! Why Ikea have different size bulbs with the same name? 😣 Now we need to go back and change.

#dayrehomes #pipilabiHQ


Urgent meet up with our carpentary guy at Northpoint City and we might as well settle dinner at London Duck.

I really really like the char siew and the roasted duck is very fat. The oil oozes out when I bite it. A bit too much, maybe have to ask for a less fatty next time.

The ma lai gao is fluffy but a bit tasteless though. I don’t recommend.

#dayrefoodies #pipilabieats