helen’s wedding

Helen is getting married today! I’m so happy for her.


Church weddings take so long though. 😅 We were famished by the time the ceremony was done. The food was catered was halal, think they forgot to also provide food for people who can’t take spicy food. LOL. Serene couldn’t take any of the meat dishes.

There are also kueh kuehs, tutu kueh cart and an ice cream cart. I definitely would want an ice cream cart at my own wedding too. Heh heh. Too bad the tutu kueh cart has to close on time, so there wasn’t much time to get it, even though Helen’s wedding ceremony overrun. I didn’t manage to get any.



One more picture with the couple before we leave.



Hello Bernice, I’m here to see you again.


Had dinner at the new concept hawker at Pasir Ris, level 2 is where you can find the more ‘hipster’ foods. I went to the stall with the shortest queue because I was very hungry, didn’t have much at the wedding.

Wanted to get the Chicken and Mushroom Veloute from The Stew House because it looks like a very good soothing bowl of thick chicken broth for the cold weather but it was out of stock. (I later found out Ah Long got the last bowl. 🙄)

Ordered the Chicken Tika Stew instead which is a tad too spicy but delicious nonetheless.