tifa the shunk . jinjja chicken . reno updates . bernice the new cat

Tifa has been shedding and this is the result after I’ve been removing her fur. 😂 She looks like a skunk now.



Lunch at Northpoint City before we head over to our house to check on the renovation progress.

There’s a promo going on at Jinjja Chicken until 28 Feb, $9.90 for 12 wings, usual price is $14.90. Added on the tteokbokki fries ($4.50) and a shikhye drink ($3.30), a traditional Korean beverage made with barley malt powder and rice.

It’s good and I think the food is quite on par with Four Fingers and I really like the drink.



At the house checking on the progress. The paints are here, ready to start painting anytime soon.


The kitchen carpentry is starting to come in, can’t wait to start cooking meals in here! 🤤



Saw the milk tea flavoured water in Cheers. It really tastes like milk tea leh! What sorcery is this?



Headed to Sarah’s place. Our main objective is to see Bernice, the newly adopted cat. Haha! She so fun to play with and I found a way to ‘walk’ her. 😂


We ate non-stop too. *burp*