new office

Company has moved to a new office. Don’t know why we need to celebrate the moved.

I don’t like the new office though, I got drenched while walking over from the train station. Why the lack of shelters in CBD area??? 😭😭😭



Tried the mala xiang guo at Suntec’s Food Republic. It’s not nice but cheap though. We have around 4 kinds of meat and it totaled to $17.90 but I won’t be back la. Lol. Not fragrant. Quite salty.



It’s time. I pulled out 5 handfuls and the one in the pic is only the first handful. 😥

Tifa is not harmed during the process. It’s all loose and I don’t even have to use strength. She even enjoys it but not when I molest her butt. 🤷🏻‍♀️