bye office cave . ps cafe . northpoint city . malaysia chiak

It’s not going to be easy saying goodbye to this cave, the perfect seat for introverts like me. I’m going to miss this corner very much.


The most important factors for a digital product; fast, sticky and engaging. I was in my happiest moment when working on this digital product. Never thought that everything would change so soon. 😔



One last mala xiang guo with colleagues, then we will never get to eat this during lunch time again.



Met up with our ex-director at PS Cafe, so funny. He don’t dare to get updates for his job interview. We still have to help draft his question to the employer.


We shared a Double Chocolate Blackout Cake. This is damn sinful. OMG. I love love love it. 😍 Must share though, if not it will get a little too jelak.



Visiting Northpoint City for the first time since it’s re-opening. It was very crowded, almost couldn’t find a place to settle our dinner. Luckily we managed to find a seat at Malaysia Chiak.

The char kway teow was quite good, I was surprised because it’s difficult to find good Malaysian Char Kway Teow here but it’s not the thin kway teow though.


Nasi lemak has hits and misses. It was alright in general but the fried chicken is disappointing.


Oh yes la! Got Gong Cha in Northpoint.


#dayre #dayrefoodies