tamoya udon . xiao ya tou

Traveled a little further for lunch today. Had the triple egg udon at Tamoya Udon! A little sad because I think the mentaiko has cream or butter, so my udon got milky taste. It’s ok, at least I have my favourite kakiage.

[Update] I just checked, it has tobiko, mentaiko, tamago and butter. No wonder it has the milky taste. 😓



Met up for dinner with an ex-colleague at Xiao Ya Tou. We ordered quite a lot. Heh heh. If we could stomach more, we could have ordered even more. Not my first time here, so you can refer back to my past post for more info in regards to the food.


First time having both desserts on the menu. We think it is kind of weird, unique la. So it’s up to you to judge.