happy new year . pete’s place

Happy New Year! We ended 2017 talking about shit. Literally shit. 💩


Going out for lunch!


I ended the year with a buffet and here I am starting the new year with another buffet.

Interior on point.



Baked fish.

Wood-fired pizzas! 😋

There’s pasta too.

Not forgetting the desserts, especially that huge bowl of Tiramisu.

Ending it with a cup of hot tea.


Haiyo… can you come guard my door?

And you too.
Omgawd. These guys damn nice.


Tried the new Fenty lipsticks. Popular colours already sold out.
I think it’s a little dry, so nope… not getting it.


Jen and Jeff joined us for tea!

Haiyoooo… this snow app make me look so demure.


Light dinner because cannot stomach anything else already.


Check check.