midnight at don don donki . year in review . new year eve party

Midnight shopping!

It’s so late and there are still people queuing for the roasted sweet potato. Luckily there’s still some left after the queue was gone, so I got mine.

It’s $2 for one.

Very sweet, you can see the sugar from the sweet potato has caramelized. TC says this is the first time he can accept sweet potato, so that’s how good it is.


For a quick pasta meal if we need.

My snacks. 😍

My year in review.

Getaway with the family is always fun.

Which is with the huge family.

Having this pic taken makes me happy.

I’m old.

The Bangkok trip with only the girls in the family.

Which reminds me that… I still want this.

My first lashes!

Legally married to the partner of my life.

Mini-moon which also happened in Bangkok.

First time at Escape and I like it!

New couple phone.

New keys. 🤣

New nephew.

New laptop.

New tiles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Looking forward!!

Ka-ching! Oven checked.

Da yi ma came uninvited to celebrate new year’s eve with me.

Quick lunch before the buffet.

Which has a whole roasted lamb.

Pasta… fried chicken. 😋

Lots of ice cream.

Pretty but… ok la.

Like nice but once got passion-fruit… the dessert is like wasted liao. 😧