ikea . bluesg

Met up with most of the contractors today. I have to say that it’s going well so far, some plans have to be changed though. Never mind, since we’re spending lesser too.

I thought we would have to take time to find a few other contractors to do other stuffs but got one uncle do like everything leh. Awesome. Everything is covered. ✌


Spend our Saturday evening sticking huge white paper on the wall. 😥

Well, it’s awesome. Can come here for movie night. 🙄 And now we have plans to get a projector for our home. 


Tried LiHo’s avocado gula melaka. Feels powdery….


Quiet dinner at ikea! Turkey leg not bad.


Then we only had 45 mins to scan through. -.-

Got ourselves an ice cream after.


Then we walked quite a distance to… Get the bluesg car!

I dunno is the seats too high or the windows too low.

Then the light wouldn’t turn off no matter what we do. Oh wells. We reported it to the CS.