midnight at don don donki . year in review . new year eve party

Midnight shopping!

It’s so late and there are still people queuing for the roasted sweet potato. Luckily there’s still some left after the queue was gone, so I got mine.

It’s $2 for one.

Very sweet, you can see the sugar from the sweet potato has caramelized. TC says this is the first time he can accept sweet potato, so that’s how good it is.


For a quick pasta meal if we need.

My snacks. 😍

My year in review.

Getaway with the family is always fun.

Which is with the huge family.

Having this pic taken makes me happy.

I’m old.

The Bangkok trip with only the girls in the family.

Which reminds me that… I still want this.

My first lashes!

Legally married to the partner of my life.

Mini-moon which also happened in Bangkok.

First time at Escape and I like it!

New couple phone.

New keys. 🤣

New nephew.

New laptop.

New tiles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Looking forward!!

Ka-ching! Oven checked.

Da yi ma came uninvited to celebrate new year’s eve with me.

Quick lunch before the buffet.

Which has a whole roasted lamb.

Pasta… fried chicken. 😋

Lots of ice cream.

Pretty but… ok la.

Like nice but once got passion-fruit… the dessert is like wasted liao. 😧

reno updates

Tiling has started! Excited much.



Beach Road Scissors cut curry rice! Very long no eat le.


Gonna eat Mos Burger tomorrow again to get our 3rd chance for the lucky draw!


Sorry if you feel like I’m spamming your dayre. I have too many backlogs. 😣

brozeit . limaa . yoshinoya

This converse sneaker ain’t comfortable.


Xmas lunch with a few colleagues at Brozeit.

Pretzel with salt in a corner.

Fries and a platter to share.


Left work early since more than 50% of the people are not in office. Came here with Rain for a drink.

The pomegranate juice was pretty good.


Since I have this from Yoshinoya, might as well use it. Hmm… but don’t spend money on this ok. Lol. Not worth it.


dodiva soft serve

Alert! Alert! #gooddealsmustshare


Eat lunch fast fast at Greendot.

So that I can head to Godiva! There were 2 queues; one for ordering, the other for collection. I was already at the collection queue when I took this picture. Total queue time was 1 hour plus for both queues. 😂

The aunties behind damn noisy and naggy. My ears suffered for at least 30 mins. 😑

Well at least I got it!



Hello u cutie.



pipi birthday . escape restaurant & lounge

Here at Escape Restaurant & Lounge for TC’s birthday dinner! He saw a 1-for-1 promo going on a month ago.

👧🏻: Ah! Just nice! Let’s go there on your birthday

Erm. Ok fine but I’m not taking it.


Let me show you the buffet spread instead.

Paella looks a little dry and it tasted okay only.

All the roasted meats. Not bad.

Pizza erm… bready.

Beef stew is very nice!

Indian section.

Cooked seafood.

Cheese platter.


There’s salmon sashimi too.

Cold seafood not fresh. Eww.

Hokkien mee was nice.


Xmas snacks and you can decorate your own gingerbread. Didn’t do it because I wouldn’t know what to do with it after.

So pretty!


life lessons

I hope the people who asked us to ‘forgive’ the monster will be able to take the guilt if he murders or destroys somebody’s life one day.

They don’t understand the kind of fear we have to deal and live with. Never been in our shoes.

Not that something has happened to me and ‘it’ this time round. I just no longer want to deal with ‘it’ anymore. The drama is too much. The others wouldn’t like the way I will settle with it anyway because I’m more cold-blooded than the ‘might-be murderer’.

Good luck with all that guilt and feeling responsible if anything happens. I’m not going to because that’s how ‘cold-blooded’ I feel towards this monster.

christmas bbq

Started Xmas by rushing down to Hafary because the bedroom tiles that we wanted is out of stock. Managed to find another option after a few rounds in the shop.


Dinner at Liang Court because we wanted to get…


Food for BBQ!

The wagyu beef was awesome, at least satisfy me until I get to Osaka. 😋😋😋

The rain came by…

And we continued with more BBQ until the rain is back, stronger & heavier.

No choice but we had to shift everything back.


Thanks for his birthday surprise! We just never expect anything on our birthdays, so it’s easy to surprise anyone of us at any point of time. 😄

Then we were hungry again. Cooked the leftovers from BBQ.


Those guys having fun with their xmas presents. 😂


reno updates

At Hafary again with our contractor this time, gonna confirm the order soon!

The tiles that we have chosen!


Oh yes! Craving Gong Cha for some time already. 😋

TC got these sandwich toasts from Swee Heng. Very nice leh! Look at that egg… 😍

Damn. I accidentally dropped a crabstick. 😣


After going through the electrical requirements with the contractor, we went up to the roof garden for the first time!

This makes me want to go in more. Lol.


Back a ikea againnnnn… this time we had more time to look through most things.


ikea . bluesg

Met up with most of the contractors today. I have to say that it’s going well so far, some plans have to be changed though. Never mind, since we’re spending lesser too.

I thought we would have to take time to find a few other contractors to do other stuffs but got one uncle do like everything leh. Awesome. Everything is covered. ✌


Spend our Saturday evening sticking huge white paper on the wall. 😥

Well, it’s awesome. Can come here for movie night. 🙄 And now we have plans to get a projector for our home. 


Tried LiHo’s avocado gula melaka. Feels powdery….


Quiet dinner at ikea! Turkey leg not bad.


Then we only had 45 mins to scan through. -.-

Got ourselves an ice cream after.


Then we walked quite a distance to… Get the bluesg car!

I dunno is the seats too high or the windows too low.

Then the light wouldn’t turn off no matter what we do. Oh wells. We reported it to the CS.