tickets to osaka booked . loof

Woohoo! 3 mths to Osaka!!! Finally got something to look forward to, before depression sets in. 😂

🤔 it’s going to be very cold though. I might get frozen.
Then I will secretly hope that it will snow during the week I was there. 😁


Lunch! Just ordered the cheapest thing on the menu.


Colleagues lead me out go eat snake, then boss also at the same place. Hahahhahaha. Seriously wtf. Whatever la, don’t care. It’s not like they are really working too.

Colleague kept saying the wanton skin very nice, then he kept craving for it. But it damn normal la. So easy to make. 😑 $14 for this… just wanton skin and imitation crab salad.

I give them points for the matchstick.


TV time with family.

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