montana . haidilao delivery . vintage mercedes


Love this corner, very nice place for a quiet lunch. Got mood hor?

Dry flowers can be pretty too.

The is chocolate brew and it looks nothing like chocolate but it smells like it. Very mindf**ked. I taste some coconut in it. 🤔

And look at this mac & cheese waffle. Surprised that it isn’t smelly to me at all. Can’t feel the mac though.

Here’s my truffled eggs rosti. Yum. 😋


This view will be even more perfect if it becomes high in future.


Haidilao has delivery leh. Amazed.
This is my experience with Haidilao. Yes, suaku is me. The queue too long la.

Wooo. Got these little stuffs too. Nubbad.

Seriously ah. Haidilao overrated. So ex somemore. Don’t even have like Iberico pork or wagyu beef. 😒
Then people tell me their food very fresh. I double 😒😒


This vintage mercedes ah…. 10 mil. Can you believe it?

But it really is so so so pretty. 😍
Hilter used to go around in one of these too, so can you imagine how long this car has been around?

😍😍😍 Everything is on point.