goro goro steamboat . art jamming at arteastiq

Steamboat with Sis! Got the fave voucher with promo code, so it only costs $33+ for both of us.

Korean steamboat and here we are having tomato soup and bak ku teh soup. Soup wasn’t very flavourful, I had to add in more things like minced garlic to make the bak ku teh soup even better. I almost took their whole pepper shaker. 不

Since it’s $17 each. Ok la, cannot complain. We have more spending power now, so can eat better food. This is a place that I will come during my student days.
At least still got ice cream included.


Art jamming. I don’t like that I only have 3 hours to paint. No time = ugly. So I anyhow paint.

I started painting flowers but it sucks. I painted grey over it…

So now it’s just like that lo. 3 hrs session and I chilled for 1 hr. Nubbad.

Not bad la. Quite artistic. 不不不不不