mao shan wang cafe

Wearing the thin blazer (which I bought 1.5 years ago?) for the first time. 😂


I never bring my wallet, ezlink and keys out. Omg.


I wanted to be healthy but look at what has been upsized??? Didn’t even think when the person asked me if I want upsize and I just said ‘yup’.


My sister is da best. 😆


Collagen replenished.


Then we headed to the Mao Shan Wang Cafe for desserts.

Nuggets and fries with durian sauce?
How ’bout no? 😒

Durian mochi is yum yum but I think the mochi is not the sticky chewy kind leh. It breaks apart quite easily.

This slice of cake took like 30 mins to come. When we ask the auntie, all she said was, “Coming coming” , but it never came.

Cake came frozen but we don’t think it’s supposed to be frozen. They could have told us that the cake needed time to thaw or do we want to change to something else. Just don’t expect service, they’re obviously lacking in that area.

Anyway, thaw or not thaw… this cake is not nice so don’t bother.