hang heung wife biscuit

I swear I hate this da yi ma. Damn it. This don’t-like-to-sleep da yi ma. 🖕
3.30am now and I’m so damn awake. I’m supposed to be tired after whole day of walking!!! Arghhhhh! 😠


My manager went to Hong Kong and a few of us requested for Wife Biscuit.
This is what she came back with! They say this is the best.

Not individually packed but definitely fresh from the bakery when she got it.

I’m amazed. This is really the best one I had so far. Wowz.


Soy flour ice cream. 😋 Craving satisfied.


The beetle is here! For charity!

Mixing more colours.


Not bad but the sauce too sweet.

converse sales . hawker chan

Took leave to go shopping with Sis. Very long never go shopping together already.
Sorry, this is just a pic of me though. đŸ€Ł

Lunch at Hans was disappointing. Not satisfied.

Lucky there’s one for one Starbucks to make up for it but too sweet for me even though I asked for half syrup.

We went for the Converse sales!
Got 2 sneakers, 2 everlast sports bra and a singlet! Very cheap!!!


Here’s Mummy’s bday dinner! All from Hawker Chan except the veggies. Only asked Mum to fry a veggie. Cannot go out because Dad is sick.
They loved the food. 👍👍👍

tickets to osaka booked . loof

Woohoo! 3 mths to Osaka!!! Finally got something to look forward to, before depression sets in. 😂

đŸ€” it’s going to be very cold though. I might get frozen.
Then I will secretly hope that it will snow during the week I was there. 😁


Lunch! Just ordered the cheapest thing on the menu.


Colleagues lead me out go eat snake, then boss also at the same place. Hahahhahaha. Seriously wtf. Whatever la, don’t care. It’s not like they are really working too.

Colleague kept saying the wanton skin very nice, then he kept craving for it. But it damn normal la. So easy to make. 😑 $14 for this… just wanton skin and imitation crab salad.

I give them points for the matchstick.


TV time with family.

chipped nail . reno decision

Fk. Chipped my nail. đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜±

How I looked.

And how I felt internally.


Sitting here, enjoying the view while waiting for the husband to come.
Need to decide how many lights we are going to have.

Quick lunch in the house.


Tampines sports hub got nice view. 👍


Then we had a late dinner after shopping. My shoe broke, so I got new shoes too!

kothu prata . painting a vintage vw beetle



When you see something special on the menu, order it.

This is kothu prata. Chopped up prata stir fried with lots of egg and onion. It’s like chay kuay teow but curry style. Damn nice but spicy.


We’re going to paint the vintage beetle today!

First we cover the parts that are not supposed to be painted.

I helped too!

Sometimes we have to be on all fours too. Lol.


Had leftovers from last night’s haidilao.

But with Iberico pork shabu. 😋

montana . haidilao delivery . vintage mercedes


Love this corner, very nice place for a quiet lunch. Got mood hor?

Dry flowers can be pretty too.

The is chocolate brew and it looks nothing like chocolate but it smells like it. Very mindf**ked. I taste some coconut in it. đŸ€”

And look at this mac & cheese waffle. Surprised that it isn’t smelly to me at all. Can’t feel the mac though.

Here’s my truffled eggs rosti. Yum. 😋


This view will be even more perfect if it becomes high in future.


Haidilao has delivery leh. Amazed.
This is my experience with Haidilao. Yes, suaku is me. The queue too long la.

Wooo. Got these little stuffs too. Nubbad.

Seriously ah. Haidilao overrated. So ex somemore. Don’t even have like Iberico pork or wagyu beef. 😒
Then people tell me their food very fresh. I double 😒😒


This vintage mercedes ah…. 10 mil. Can you believe it?

But it really is so so so pretty. 😍
Hilter used to go around in one of these too, so can you imagine how long this car has been around?

😍😍😍 Everything is on point.

iberico pork chop

Since I took leave and I’ve got nothing planned for the day… might as well go for some dental cleansing.
The dentist did a filling for me too. đŸ€˜


Hahahahha. Wth. Reminds me of armpit smell.


Since got time, i made dinner.
Apple and orange drink.

Iberico pork chops. 😋😋😋😋😋

With mash potato and pork fat potatoes. Lol lol. Cause I couldn’t mash those.

And veggies!