amk mala xiang guo . chateraise

DaYiMa craving for mala, so here I am at You Ma You La. The closest stall I could find with good reviews, they have quite a good variety of ingredients.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best but still addictive enough.
Usually for this amount of serving it would amount to $25 if I’m having it at Raffles City. This was $16.80.


There’s this auntie in MOS Burger with a tablet and a pouch on her head all the way while she’s seated and having her meal. Saw her using alcohol wipes to clean her mouth.

Keeps talking to herself.
– After I look at her, she says, ‘the girl the left bla bla bla…’ (yes I was sitting on her left, couldn’t catch the rest)
– then got an uncle sit beside my table look at her, “Got 老怪物 look at me… Second time. Third time.” Depends on how many times he turns to look at her
– “People are so judgmental.”
– “They keep looking at me.”
– “It’s okay, I’m leaving anyway.”
– A lot of “Shit, Jesus Christ” coming from her too.

Stands up and leaves with the tablet and pouch still on her head. 😑
Very entertaining auntie. Very entertaining.

One thing I cannot take it is when how vulgar people can get and still claim to be holy at the same time. I cannot. 🙅‍♀️


Got a cup of ice-cream from Chateraise! This is brown syrup with soy flour.

Omg. Yumz for $1.50. Next time I gotta try the Matcha.


Le husband made ginger red date tea for my DaYiMa.