rare dinner occasion with businessmen

I’ve put up the mini orchid that I got from ikea last night!


SuperRabbit with me.


Soy sauce chicken for lunch.


We somehow ended up having dinner at a businessman’s house. His house has got 465 lights, damn bright. 😎 I think need to wear sunglasses inside.

His wife makes damn good tau suan. 😍😍😍 I had like two bowls of it.

Her chiffon cakes super win. Gula melaka and banana. Fluffy and not too sweet, can see it go ‘boing boing’.

It’s interesting to hear business people talk. Funny even though it is from real situations, like how the g.roots like to hold multiple meetings just to decide on whether they should add a hump on a road. But all a citizen has to do is to just email the BOSS and cc all other HEADS, the hump will be added the next day.

He quit g.roots because of this. 🤣