So many farewells.


Tried Greendot today! Always walk pass the outlets but I just never get in to try. $7.90 for two veggies (eggplant and curry potato) and one ‘meat’ (cereal Konnyaku). I’m surprised that the food is really tasty and very very filling. Lasted me until I get home.

The is the Osmanthus Jelly drink, $2.90. Quite good, not too sweet. A bit regret though because too full. 😂


I went to the Kwan Im temple to ask about my career again. Two sticks dropped out of the tin, and I asked twice whether if it’s really both. Both times, it was ‘yes’. Very direct. Hahahhahahaha!

Advance to new ventures and the coast is clear.

Okok, I will try to look around.


Hand in hand. 😍


At the google office again! Took a packet of granola from the pantry. Hehe.

I wonder if this is done by their own staff? Awesome.


Haiyo. This little one fell asleep in my arms.

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