thus coffee . the plain jane . woon woon seafood white bee hoon

Very mint today.


Here for brunch with friends!

I wouldn’t mind taking the counter seats if we were here alone.

Love those dried flowers.

Menu. Not a lot to choose from but I think the choices are good enough.

Latte was good. Thick aka gao.👍 Just a little bitter for me though.

We had Baked eggs, loved it. Some people may find it too sour.

And the breakfast! Bacon not fried until crispy, so it’s good. I hate crispy bacon. I usually hate baked beans but theirs is yums. Too much butter on the muffin, so it’s yucks for me.

Omg. Can I do this at my the doorstep of my house?


I always think The Plain Jane is around Chomp Chomp’s area but it’s not even near. 🤣

This place is soooooo pretty! ❤ Flowers makes the day better.

So many choices but tummy not much space left.

Lychee Konnyaku tea.

Mango and Passionfruit Meringue Swiss Roll.

Brown sugar jelly. I like the jelly inside!

Original in front, and pumpkin spiced with chocolate chip at the back.


Woon Woon Seafood White Bee Hoon!

Oyster egg to share.

The heat melted my dessert in 5 mins. 😥


Did some praying at Tua Pek Gong temple.

$3 for a pack.