mala xiang guo at cineleisure . antoinette . audace shampoo and hair tonic

Colleague says the mala at Cineleisure’s foodcourt is very good and so we are here!

Each of us gets a soup and it’s legit good.

Huge bowl! Apparently they deep fry some of the ingredients before frying. Like the luncheon meat, fish and potato. Potato was very goooood, we should have gotten more.


Went to nua at Antoinette. It was a good break from reality, until we didnt want to go back to office.


Me and my dandruff problems. Remember the Phyto serum with I got? It didn’t really work.

Yday, I saw this, got the original version. It was on 20% off at Guardian. Tried it and feel that it worked. So I got another bottle today because I left the bottle at TC’s house. Original is sold out, and I also got the hair tonic which I will put on after my hair is dry.

The flakes detached themselves from my scalp this morning and I just had to comb them out. I don’t see new flakes throughout the day.


Shared some dim sum with Mum.


Testing a Polaroid app on my phone. šŸ˜

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