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Somebody commented that I am strong headed. I think she meant it as a negative comment but I feel it’s positive and I choose to be like that.

12 Things You Need To Know About A Strong-Willed Woman

1. She doesn’t need your help.
In fact, it is the last thing she wants. She needs to be able to solve problems on her own and speak up for herself because she craves being challenged and pushed. If she really needs help, she will ask for it. It won’t be easy for her to do, so take her seriously when she reaches out.

2. She’ll tell it how it is.
She doesn’t have time to sugarcoat things and she doesn’t want to, because that’s when meaning gets lost or confused along the way. She often throws in vulgarities to get her point across. If you want an honest opinion or viewpoint, just know that you’ll get one from her no matter what. She’d rather tell you the painful truth than make you feel better with a lie.

3. She thinks—a lot.
Her mind is a constant whirlwind of information, emotion, and analysis. To her, every word is loaded, whether she wants it to be or not. She is always trying to put pieces together in her mind because she wants to make sense of what is going on before she vocalizes anything. Her imagination can run wild, but that’s only because she wants to be prepared for anything that comes her way. To her, her thoughts and ideas are what bring everything together, and once she gathers them, she will make them known.

4. She questions every rule, norm, assumption, and basically everything that she is told.
Nothing is normal or static in her book. She thinks that rules are meant to be broken, norms should be changed, and assumptions are typically off. She doesn’t like traditional notions because she doesn’t see the fun or uniqueness in them. When she’s told something, she questions it because she is looking out for herself and believes she deserves the honest information. Let her question and challenge things; it keeps her on her toes.

5. She’s passionate about the things she loves.
Once you get her going, there’s no stopping her. She can go on and on about her goals and passions because she invests everything she has into them. You’ll see her eyes light up as if you flipped a switch.

6. She is fiercely loyal and faithful.
She will stick by the people she cares about through thick and thin. She will never try to hurt someone she loves intentionally. And to her, the biggest betrayals in life are lying and cheating. If done to her or someone she cares about, she will not hesitate to call you out on it and/or cut you out of her life completely because you broke her trust, which is unacceptable from her point of view.

7. She refuses to settle.
Settling is her worst nightmare. She doesn’t want to wake up 20 years from now wishing she tried harder. She is always searching for something more, whether from a relationship or a job. She expects the best for herself and will work for it. If things ever start to settle for her, she will stir up the waters to make life interesting again.

8. She values her freedom and space.
She actually likes to do things on her own and goes out of her way to bond with herself. Freedom is what drives her and space is what she pines for. Try to take those things away from her and she will go from 0 to 100 real quick.

9. She’s comfortable in her skin.
She embraces it. She wears what she wants. She takes care of herself and dances whenever she pleases. The scars on her skin are beautiful to her, reminding her of what she has survived. She plays up her features and emphasizes her unique quirks. When complimented, she will reply “I know” or simply thank you for saying something. She doesn’t need reassurance because she can give it to herself, even on her worst days.

10. She has a hot temper.
When provoked, beware—she will say what’s on her mind without hesitation. A strong-willed woman will stick up for herself and advocate for what she thinks is right in the heat of the moment. Most importantly, remember to give her time and space when she is angry. She will likely see more clearly when the smoke settles and she can recollect her thoughts.

11. She’s hard on herself.
She is her toughest critic. She is consistently pushing herself, expecting more in order to achieve. If she fails, she takes the blow directly because she knows that she can do better. She expects a lot from herself and will continually set the bar high. She doesn’t give up; instead, she takes the time to learn from mistakes and mishaps so she doesn’t have to be in the same position again. She doesn’t need someone to tell her everything’s okay; she can do that herself. It may take time for her to regain her perspective and pick herself up, but she will.

12. Her silence will speak much louder than her words.
If she’s not saying anything after a while, you should be concerned. A strong-willed woman will speak up after she gathers her thoughts, but if not, her silence itself is a message. At this point, she may not even want to waste her time and energy on the subject. It may also mean that she is working out things in her head, demonstrating that she values what’s going on enough to actually think about it. But don’t get your hopes up if she is silent for a long period of time—usually this is past the point of no return.

A strong-willed woman is a person who speaks her mind and defends her values. Even if she is seen as bossy, demanding, or stubborn, she doesn’t really care. She’s the kind of woman who wants the best for herself, her loved ones, and for the better of society.

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Oh wait. Did I forget to put concealer over my dark eye ring? 😞


My colleague wanted to go to the temple to ask for her luck and I tagged along. Seriously needed to know if my career will get better.
For somebody who has so many skill sets and used to head multiple projects in the company… I actually feel redundant during the restructure in the company. 😟 I hate it. Hate that nothing is within my control.

‘The rot starts from the top.’ This is so true.

Things should be better soon, I hope?
I wanna go back again, I have another question that needs an answer. 😣


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Xiao long bao and carrot cake! The carrot cake really awesome today, soft and fragrant.

Char siew polo, siew mai and egg tart!