collecting our house keys . roll pineapple ritual

Here we go~ Ran around a little to settle the fire insurance, activation of water and electricity.


It’s in our hands!


Hungry… eat first. Head down later. The yong tau foo stall just outside HDB is surprisingly good. Tofu very soft and smooth. I like!


I don’t like the gate. How ah? Haiz. Too many unwanted details. 😣

Thanks to my Sis for the photo.
Damn la. I keep gaining weight. I really need to go back to counting calories.

Our pineapple very smart. Stop right in the middle of the house.

Mixing the grains. See… I very smart, if you need a mixture of grains, just get this pack. 👍 So I don’t have to buy one pack each of 5 different beans or barley or oats.

Other things to mix in are rice, salt and tea leaves.

All mixed! Then I will have to keep sprinkling from inside to outside. It’s to ‘cleanse’ the house which is to slowly ask ‘them’ to vacate and also to bring in more harvest = huat.

Disclaimer ah. We just try to follow whatever we find online and consult our parents and friends. Whatever you see here and mix and match here and there. Whichever makes us happy. We tried looking for auspicious dates also but there’s so many versions online…

Then we proceed to place the fruits , huat kueh and a bowl of green beans for them to sprout. Also place a cup/bowl of vinegar, orange, apple and a red packet at the 4 main corners of the house.

Ok wait. TC keeps wanting to do the growing green bean thing, he says it means abundance and grow wealth but now I read… it means… “The sprouting of the beans symbolizes many offspring.” 😂😂😂 😮😯😓😒 I put so many green beans some more. 😰


Oh. We somehow got a doorstopper. We can’t get normal doorstoppers because no tiles; gap very big.

Padlock is needed if u need hdb to rectify the defects or it’s for your reno contractors to have access to the house without locking the main door and gate. You do not pass your actual keys to anyone.

Complimentary floor tiles will be inside the storeroom.

By the way, water and electricity is pre-activated, so you’ll just have to follow instructions to turn on. Still must register and book an appointment for them to go down and make sure everything is working properly.

Do remember to get the allen key from your letterbox before heading up. You will need it to turn on your water supply. Very important, if not you cannot flush after toilet. Lol.

Other things to bring are drinking water and snacks when you get hungry. Wet tissue, tissue and hand soap to clean up, you will get very dirty and sweaty. Measuring tape, markers, pens and clipboard to help yourself with checking and writing down the defects. Old newspapers too. To sit or to put our bags on it.

I used the measuring tape as a tapping rod, it’s the heavy duty kind. Good enough. We didn’t opt in floor tiles anyway, not a lot to check.

Damn. Legs very tired. My Sis is an ID, she says we’re very lucky that there’s hardly any defects, in fact we had the least out of all she has done before.

And this is my first meal in the house. Too hungry. I took the huat kueh to eat, anyway we’re suppose to bring the things in the middle back except the pineapple and green bean.

Yes, we know. Very kuazhang. We bought a fan. 🤣

Bought lights also. In case.

Already sprouting before we leave.

Spacious rubbish chute area.

Woohoo. Empty car park.

Have you seen this before? The contractor cover up the lift until it looks so atas. Very nice leh.


Had this garlic pork chop noodle at Hong Kong Sheng Kee but it looks very different from the picture. I feel cheated. Lol.


As you can see… We are really going to take our time to renovate. Lol. We’re even going to get a foldable table for temporary use. We rather take our time than rush, don’t make ourselves stress for nothing.