wife biscuit 老婆饼 . husband biscuit 老公饼

Dying. My sore throat is back again and it feels very stuffed, causing me to cough like crazy. Can I scratch it off? 😣
Got to eat before I take meds. So here’s a box of Laopo Bing from Koi Kee, HK.

Very very fragrant, I can smell it once I open the packaging. Sticky sweet melon goodness. 😋 It’s more of a crumbly pastry than a flaky one.


Lunch and after meal ‘desserts’.


Somebody don’t believe me when I say there’s Laogong Bing, so here’s the difference.

Wife cake is white inside (points to myself) 👧🏻
Husband cake is black inside (points to him) 👦🏽

Geddit? 😆


Pork rib noodles. Flavourful enough for a sick person.

Ice cream won’t kill me hor? It’s so nice for my throat. 😳