tonkatsu . bto . first electrical appliance

Always start with the radish, it’s good for the digestive system.

Cheese ham katsu. Woah. It’s not too cheesy, not bad!

My loin katsu.
When ordering, take note that loin has a layer of fat while fillet does not.

One person is a little less than $30 and we ordered two sides to share too.


Finally, it has been a long wait! 🤗
Made a new purchase for our new home today. If not my Best Denki voucher is going to expire tomorrow.


First electrical appliance! Price was $109, my voucher was $50, so I paid $59 only. ✌

Even if I don’t want to eat rice, I can use it for other things. Can steam while I cook soup at the same time. 👍 Most importantly, got the cake function. Hehehe.

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