king’s laksa steamboat . jen’s birthday

Are you kidding? How is this worthed it? Glad my mobile plan is not under Singtel.


We are going to have Laksa Steamboat for tonight!

The laksa soup was very very good. Even though I was sitting at the chicken soup side but I kept reaching out for the laksa instead. I have to say that the chicken soup is really good too, it’s not just salted water.

Meats and cooked food will have to be ordered from the waiters while veggies are self-serve. The meats are very, very thinly sliced which is awesome.

The potato starch noodle soaks up all the laksa soup goodness. 😋😋😋😋😋

Cooked food comes fresh piping hot. The har cheong gai was juicy and tender. Highly recommended!

Many ice cream flavours to choose from, I think there were 6 to 8?


Happy Birthday! Surprise! 🎂
I think I ate like 1/4 of the cake. 😂