project acai cooler bag . masala thosai

Finally using the lunch bag my sis helped me to get from Project Acai, even though I never had their acai before but I just wanted the bag. 😂 We saw somebody holding on to it and we just keep googling to see where we could get it.

It has the foil layer on the insides to keep food cold. Of course, it’s not going to keep food cold for a long time. 👍👍👍

The one thing that’s not good is the buttons… difficult to clip on especially when the bag is soft.


Waaa… I ordered this egg masala thosai and it’s seriously yummy leh. Omg. I found a better thosai!!! *pops party poppers*

The dips are not watery and I can really taste the difference in each of them. At first it felt like the white one is nice, then slowly I feel the orange one on the left is nicer because more fragrant. Add a little sugar, even more bagus.

Even the potatoes in their masala is chunky. Waaa…. 👍👍👍👍👍 I will be back.

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