pasta mania . self-heating instant mala hotpot . liang pi

Pasta mania again. Lol.
I had the Miso Clams and Mushrooms this time at the SMU branch. It really is salted version leh. NEX is more of sweet. Weird huh.

Added the garlic soy chicken for my snack set. Garlic bread is a waste of money even if it’s cheaper.


Think properly when you are re-contracting your mobile plan for #Note8. It doesn’t mean you’ll save more if you get the higher end plan.


Gonna try these instant mala food that I bought from Qoo10!

Start with the mala hot pot first.

All the little parts.

Follow the instructions.

๐Ÿ‘ŒThen cook.

Wait for approx 15 mins for the food to be heated up. Remember to use a placemat while heating up, you wouldn’t want to heat up your table.

Liangpi (ๅ‡‰็šฎ)

Whattttt… don’t remind me of my fats.

Edible method. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The noodles is one whole chunk. Took me longer than the time stated to make sure it’s all cooked and soft.

Woo. Yummy leh. Really is numb. Spice is still quite manageable for me, need to break in between. Will be quite good for snacking during dramas. The other noodle is just alright though. The vinegar taste too strong, my mum thought it’s spoilt. Lol.

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