big breakfast in bed . pasta mania

梦见丑陋的脸 —— 不幸要临头。
梦见脸上生疮 —— 在运动方面将有乐事发生。

梦见难看的脖子 —— 预示会遇到困难。

It’s a very weird dream. 😩

Ah. I think it’s more like this:

And this too. That’s why I see my ugly/rotting face.


Big breakfast in bed. 😁


I’m here to #huntthemouse

I didn’t know that this place is so huge.

More seating at the back.

I had the Thai Curry Seafood, which was very spicy even though I asked for the lowest spice level.

TC has the salted egg chicken. Quite good leh, I’m surprised.
You know ah, one of the reasons that I hate going to Pasta Mania is because they overcook the pastas. Very bad. Lol. My view of it today has changed. I may actually be back again.

But the amount of carbs ah. Plus, there’s no real nutrients at all.

All the fats for 3 cards. It better be worthed it.


To get more hints.

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