luo han guo for cough . rasa sayang western food

Chicken rice. Cheap and good.


Bought this golden luo han guo. Hope it helps to clear my phlegm.

Opened up to take a look inside. It’s all seeds.
I just soaked it in water and drink, it is naturally sweet. Don’t have to add sugar!


Rasa Sayang is already sold to another person. The western food isn’t as good anymore. 😣


My bunny so cute!!! 😍😗😘😙😚

wah lok cantonese restaurant . teppei syokudo

Team lunch at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant.

Chicken puff. Colleagues raved about it but I think it’s ok-ok leh.

Char Siew polo bun. I like that it’s soft but the filling is too sweet for me.

Chee cheong fun.

The basics. Oh the meatball is very nice! First time having something like that.

Fried yam. 👍

Egg tart.

I had soya beancurd for dessert, texture is like almond jelly almost like lao ban. I think traditional tauhuey will be better though.


Used up my vouchers from Teppei! Small tiny serving. Not satisfied. Don’t think I will ever be back again.

random musings

One of the best thing that can happen, is getting on an empty train at 8.20am.


Lunch was just a simple white porridge with side dishes. Next time I don’t order the tofu already. Little bit of meat, they charge me as meat. 😤




Always eat non-stop whenever I’m at home.
First time see such flat coconut. 🤣

Siew bao.

Durian mooncake.

wife biscuit 老婆饼 . husband biscuit 老公饼

Dying. My sore throat is back again and it feels very stuffed, causing me to cough like crazy. Can I scratch it off? 😣
Got to eat before I take meds. So here’s a box of Laopo Bing from Koi Kee, HK.

Very very fragrant, I can smell it once I open the packaging. Sticky sweet melon goodness. 😋 It’s more of a crumbly pastry than a flaky one.


Lunch and after meal ‘desserts’.


Somebody don’t believe me when I say there’s Laogong Bing, so here’s the difference.

Wife cake is white inside (points to myself) 👧🏻
Husband cake is black inside (points to him) 👦🏽

Geddit? 😆


Pork rib noodles. Flavourful enough for a sick person.

Ice cream won’t kill me hor? It’s so nice for my throat. 😳

kabe no ana . mad jack cafe

I got a new friend! 😁 TC got this for me while he was in HK. ❤


Very long never visit Kabe No Ana already.

Just aim the Mentaiko!

TC is having the Mentaiko Carbonara.

While I had the Salmon Avocado. 😋

Don’t forget the Mentaiko Mayo Toast! Must have!


We had cakes at Mad Jack Cafe. These are quite moist and delicious. Surprised that their cakes is actually quite good.


I stepped in Miniso to buy socks, don’t have what I wanted.
Came out with this bag instead. So cute! $5.90 only. How to not buy???