hong seng curry rice . nanbantei japanese restaurant

Finally tried Hong Seng Curry Rice at SMU. I ordered the most basic fried pork cutlet set which was $5.00 but totalled up to $5.80 due to brown rice? Not sure leh… I never check receipt.

We can also choose 3 sides which is quite redundant la. Hahahha. Cos the sides not enticing leh, give me standard one I also okay. Not like I will go back just because of their sides. You think Aston meh.

Anyway, I chose braised cabbage, braised tofu and braised egg. All braised. Why ah? I didn’t realised it until I order. The rest is like french beans, ikan bilis, salted egg…


Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant
Getting this! Since we’re here already, might as well try their signature dish which is yakitori.

The starters, and everybody gets one. Just sticks of veggies with miso and salt as dips.

TC ordered the seaweed noodles in miso soup. The noodles kind of weird. Haha. Like jelly. Needs getting used to.

First 3 sticks. Ladyfinger, asparagus and minced meat thing. Lol. Quite nice, just that I find it a bit dry.

The set also comes with two sticks each of prawns, gingko nuts and mushrooms.

Gingko nuts is like… 😕 not a fan.
And by right one person should not eat more than 5 gingko nuts a day because it does have some toxicity. So if you’re having this alone… there’s eight. We didn’t even finish this thing because it ends on a slightly bitter note. The chef never remove the centre.

Beef, quail egg, meatball, chicken with leek and chicken liver.
Beef wasn’t too tough, so it’s quite alright. Meatball is nice ; fragrant. Chicken liver very mushy.

We shared the yakitori set, so we were very full by then. Then this dessert came. 😅 omg. Lucky it’s a very small bowl.