wallhub . hafary

Back for the salted egg. 😋

TC’s pacific dory looks good too.


Here at Wallhub to take a look at the wallpapers!

Gonna get something as the feature wall.


And next is… Hafary

This is the haven for tiles! Literally the Ikea of tiles. Hahaha. Think we really had a good time here.

Now I have a better idea of the kind of tiles that I can get and we can even do a ‘feature floor’. Hahahhaa!

Phone’s gallery is swamped with so many pictures. 😅


Got sooooo many of these jasmine flowers outside Singpost. Pretty!!!

Lots of bumble bees too.


Sushi Express has this new green tea mochi with red bean. Yuck. Got milky cream inside. 🤢