korean snacks . samsung note 8

😍 Perfect wedding decor.


Watched this right before I left office.

And I went to get the one which was highly recommended. Muahahaha! But looks a bit different from the one in the video leh… nevermind, try this first. This snack is called, Jjang Gu.

Very crunchy… hmm… but nope. I wouldn’t get this again. It’s had that taste of artificial sweetener which… ya… stevia is part of the ingredients or maybe it’s the nutmeg. I only had a handful and the rest I leave it to TC.

I hope this is good.

Can’t taste the green tea, too mild. 😂😂😂 Just get their classic la. Hahaha!


Have you seen the Note 8?
It’s awesome. It’s perfect. I miss having Note after all the Note 7 saga, and I settled with a S7 Edge.

The new functions are seriously amazing, so when I was talking about it with my IT colleague, we were like screaming with joy. Hahahaha! Sorry, techy girls are like that, we don’t go crazy over girly things.

Oh! Especially the DeX stand. 😍😍😍😍😍 I love.

Gonna pre-register tomorrow. Don’t stop me.


Omg. She is so so so so soooooo clingy today.

Then she just sits there and watching TC. Hahahahha… laugh die me.

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