kek keng eng kee seafood . creamier

It’s a creative food combi day. 🤣🤣🤣
I wanted duck porridge and asked for the salted veggies. Sick people don’t have the strength to chew too much.
TC order kway chap. Instead of kway, he replaced it with duck rice’s rice.


I’ve been trying to sleep off the flu… but it just want to be stuck at the back of the nose; tears & phlegm. 🤧


Dinner!!! 6 dish + 1 noodle. So hungryyyyy… Sick also must eat dinner. 😁

KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood has one michelin star.

Moonlight hor fun. Nice but I would feel that most zi zhar stall has this standard leh.

Lotus root pork ribs soup. Hmm… not bad. That time the soup I had from the chicken rice stall was better.

Ming zhu bao. I ordered this because it looks really nice on picture when I was looking at Burpple. Tasted good but feels like something was missing. Like Jeff says, “Need sauce.” But he didn’t see the mayo that was at the side, so yup… he missed it. Even with the sauce… I think it’s not a good match… hmm…

Salted egg sotong. Fail. It’s just salty. We can’t really taste the salted egg and there’s this very mild bitter taste… the baking soda???

Now I need to go Hualong again to replace with their yummy salted egg sotong.

Three egg spinach. We were looking forward to the soupy kind but this was starchy. 😕

Tofu. $12 for a palm-sized tofu. You tell me worth it or not?

Marmite chicken. Overfried, so the meat is just dry amd tough. A lot of chewing to do. Fail.

I will never be back. We personally think that most zi char has better food than this place. Lucky we never order their crabs.


Guess where?

It’s Creamier! Another one ticked off my wishlist.

Having my tea while waiting for our waffles and ice cream.

The irony. No barista, so coffee is not available.

Quite a good selection of ice cream.

I had the Thai milk tea and hokey pokey ice cream with waffles, topped with 55% dark chocolate honeycomb.

My first question is: “Where’s the honeycomb?” There’s no honeycomb to be seen, so I was quite disappointed. It’s just honey… don’t tell me the granola is honeycomb please, I do know how to differentiate. I feel the flavour of the ice creams are not strong enough, although the texture is quite good. Thick and smooth. Maybe I sick la, so I’m not sure…