sushi express . kallang wave mall . chomp chomp

It’s easy to go carb-free when they have salad.

Tadaa! Fish salad.

Looks cute but it’s just balls of mashed up sweet potato.


Shopping around. I’m really thinking about getting Muji furniture.
Decisions. Decisions…


Black coffee. Mine is the cute one. 😁


How I see him from my eye level. 😚


Finally found blackhead peel mask in Daiso!!! Much smaller though.


Got free ice-cream if you shop more than $80 at Kallang Wave Mall! Don’t say I bojio. ✌


Cold storage has this premium iberico pork char siew. It’s really flavourful and juicy. 😋


Chomp Chomp
Satay. How come got baking soda taste… 😐


Drop standard.

At least this was still alright.

Guess I will never be back here. The food choices are so damn limited now. All carrot cake, satay, chicken wings, sugarcane juice… for somebody feeling sick like me…. where’s the porridge stall??? 😭 It was so good… and now it’s gone.

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