long long day

I feel a sore throat coming. Why why why?
What triggered it?


This is Tifa last night lying beside me.

And in my arms.

Ah. Yday was still angry with us, don’t let me touch her. Then she’s so clingy today. Eat a bit, then come find me, get like 10 mins of sayang. Drink a bit, then come find me for sayang again. The cycle just keeps going on for like an hour until I fall asleep.


Aladdin is here! Just realise that Jasmine has a very big ear accessory.


That’s lunch.


Very long never see this note! I’m gonna keep this somewhere.


Here’s to another birthday. Lol.


Hai~ train fault. Thanks.
Now I don’t even know if my bus is coming… it’s probably stuck at the back somewhere in this jam. 😟

// 30 mins has passed. Is my bus even coming?

// took me 2 hours 30 mins to get home. My dinner has become my supper instead. 😧


I used to have a close friend, A, then we don’t contact at all after an issue which A chose to make a small issue into a big hoohaa. Totally caught me by surprise, it even went public. Haiz.

So now. I realised we are not even FB friends already. A has unfriended me after I ROM-ed. We were still ‘friends’ before that. Ah. The irony. So much for saying ‘I care for you’, but all that vengeful behaviour proves otherwise.

Oh well. 🤷 It’s better if we part our ways.

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