xcape rpg . ramen keisuke tonkotsu king four seasons


And it happened.


Xcape RPG
My colleagues and I were the first batch of testers for the new game at Xcape!

Woah. Look at the setup. So much effort.

So each of us have to choose who we want to be amd they will ask us to dress up at the character. We will be given a different ‘script’ telling us about the profile and what has happened during the certain timeline and we won’t know what the other person has in their script. Everyone will have a different ‘motive’ or reason that’s good enough to want to kill the victim.

That’s where we have to look for evidences in the rooms and link up the whole story to find the actual murderer.

That’s us in our ‘cosplay’. Hahaha! I was a servant. 😂 It really is quite fun and I do recommend it.


Dinner was ramen since it’s just downstairs. The soup today very salty. Dunno why.

We tried all of their flavoured colas and gingerale. Truth be told… we can’t taste the flavours at all.