snacks to buy from bangkok

Koh-Kae’s tom yam cashew nuts. These may be quite difficult to find as people usually buy in bulk if they see them, somebody like me. 😁


My mum loves this but I haven’t tried it before. A bit waste luggage space because it’s 2/3 air. I should just bring an air tight container next time and pack everything in.


Lay’s! This new flavour is really good!


Siam Bananas. I prefer those individually packed bananas from 7-eleven. Quite difficult to find too, the whole shelf will be empty in the evening.  (*Do take note of the expiry date.)


These for quick yummy meals; basil meat stir-fry & Thai spicy salad mix


Thai milk tea, although not as good as those freshly made from the stores but better than nothing.



My happy buy!

Saw this in the Starbucks store and I really wanted it. Got my friends and sister to help check the prices and stock availability but… it was out of stock since 2 weeks ago and they are not going to bring in new stocks. 😩

It’s $15 more expensive than Singapore. Bo bian la. Even if we manage to buy from ebay, the shipping is not going to be cheap too.

Most stores in Bangkok only have the thermal bottle and tumbler. Coffee Press is out of stock. Lucky the Starbucks near my hotel is quite out of the way. 🤗



Back to reality

Good thing that I took leave today too. If not I’m going to have very bad post-holiday syndrome.


Woke up at 12pm. ✌ Lunch is chicken rice, drenched with dark soy sauce and ginger sauce.


Woohoo! Mama packed fish head curry from Johore Bahru and we’re having it together with chee cheong fun. 😋


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