mini moon at bangkok – day 3 . crêpes & co . let’s relax . claypot river prawn tom yam porridge

Left the hotel at 1pm. Woohoo! The guy was watching Armageddon on TV.

Love this romper that I bought from Platinium Mall yesterday! Love the deep pockets, I should have gotten more. TC says we can go back again. ✌ I’ll just quickly aim for those few shops, take & go.



 Crepes & co. 

We’re here at this quiet and cozy little place for brunch.





Menu. There’s a separate book just for the pictures. 😅 I specifically chose food that looks pretty. Hahahhaha! 😋😋😋😋


My nutella latte, they spell it as nuttela on the menu… so I was lost for a bit. 😅 Look at those little cookies. Tiny but yummy.


Appetizer was a garlic shrimp with pita bread. TC likes it, especially the garlic. Lol lol.


Supreme Crepe. Got egg = yummy, and it sure is. There’s ham, bacon, egg, mishroom, cheddar cheese and bechamel sauce. Love it! 😍


Dessert is served! This is… 😍😍😍

Look at all the ingredients, we were struggling to finish… hahaha. Until the boss came and ask us how was it because he thought we don’t like it. 🤣🤣🤣




Time for my favorite massage!


I was thinking why my masseuse so small size but I was wrong. She’s good at it. Shiok sia.

[Update] Not suitable for body massages because bone against bone = pain. Lol.


Having a mango sticky rice is the best part after massage. We had our lunch at 1.30pm, massage started at 5pm and it was a 3 hours long.

Mad hungry. Every time the masseuse massage anywhere around my waist area, the hunger pangs double. 😫



Claypot River Prawn Tom Yam Porridge

Here it is. Misstamchiak has been here before too. I couldn’t tag the place but if you google the english name it will appear on the map. It’s right beside the road.



First u choose the base, then the set. Ignore the ‘rice included’ because that is just confusing. Hahaha. Then, add more ingredients if you like at the second section.



TC had the pork porridge with braised pork and soft boiled egg. It’s good but kind of reminds us of the braised duck porridge but thicker.


I had tom yam porridge with river prawn and minced pork, topped with a soft boiled egg. Not very tom yam leh, just spicy but good enough. Prawn wasn’t very fresh.


Overall, it’s good but probably not worth that much effort to travel all the way, unless you are going to the Rod Fai Night Market that was somewhere across the road.


Bath time!

The intergalactic bath bomb from Lush is so pretty, like paddle pop! A lot of glitter in my bath too. By the way, Lush bath bombs are cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore.


This hair mask from Etude House is very very good! My hair is very soft and smooth now.