long john silver . morganfield’s . outdoor festival

The chicken & shrimp with salted egg sauce is legit good leh. Not stingy with the sauce at all. Good sia. Better than McDonald’s. Lol.


I got a new wireless keyboard!

TC has one but I wanted one for my home.

So stupid. They sell this on Hachi.tech for $39.90 but it’s $54 in-store. But they also take from the store if I buy from the website mah.


✌ I also got a gachapon toy! So small, so cute.

Like that quite obvious already, right? $3 only leh.



😲 One rib can serve 2 to 3 people??? Waaa…
TC don’t eat beef, so I cannot try this myself.

We love Pop Corn Pork. πŸ˜‹ Tender, crispy and fragrant.

Look at it. *drool*

And ribs. Yummy yummy ribs.


Went to see bunnies!Β Eggcited.

So many people here and some of the lights become dim already.

There are interesting food stalls here too, so come here if you don’t mind queuing. The stalls were closing when we were here.

I only came here to see bunnies. 😝