hong seng curry rice . nanbantei japanese restaurant

Finally tried Hong Seng Curry Rice at SMU. I ordered the most basic fried pork cutlet set which was $5.00 but totalled up to $5.80 due to brown rice? Not sure leh… I never check receipt.

We can also choose 3 sides which is quite redundant la. Hahahha. Cos the sides not enticing leh, give me standard one I also okay. Not like I will go back just because of their sides. You think Aston meh.

Anyway, I chose braised cabbage, braised tofu and braised egg. All braised. Why ah? I didn’t realised it until I order. The rest is like french beans, ikan bilis, salted egg…


Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant
Getting this! Since we’re here already, might as well try their signature dish which is yakitori.

The starters, and everybody gets one. Just sticks of veggies with miso and salt as dips.

TC ordered the seaweed noodles in miso soup. The noodles kind of weird. Haha. Like jelly. Needs getting used to.

First 3 sticks. Ladyfinger, asparagus and minced meat thing. Lol. Quite nice, just that I find it a bit dry.

The set also comes with two sticks each of prawns, gingko nuts and mushrooms.

Gingko nuts is like… πŸ˜• not a fan.
And by right one person should not eat more than 5 gingko nuts a day because it does have some toxicity. So if you’re having this alone… there’s eight. We didn’t even finish this thing because it ends on a slightly bitter note. The chef never remove the centre.

Beef, quail egg, meatball, chicken with leek and chicken liver.
Beef wasn’t too tough, so it’s quite alright. Meatball is nice ; fragrant. Chicken liver very mushy.

We shared the yakitori set, so we were very full by then. Then this dessert came. πŸ˜… omg. Lucky it’s a very small bowl.

truffle mushroom bao

Bought this last night and asked Mum to heat it up for breakfast this morning. Preparing breakfast is not a usual thing in the family but I know she will do it because she has something new to try. Heehee. 😁

Amazed. It really looks like mushroom, especially when Mum heats up the whole pack… it’s a whole plate of mushrooms. Hahaha. And it’s nice leh! I like. πŸ‘ $6.60 for a pack of 6. Must have.


Yong tau foo in laksa soup, no noodles for less guilt. πŸ˜…

what does the bunny say πŸ”Š

If you are interested to know the kind of sound that bunnies make when they are happy. Here’s one from Tifa! Make sure you turn on the volume.


M&M’s chocolate bar.


How ah. I really should cut down on expenses but the eyelash extensions saves me a lot of time too. πŸ˜•


Why everyone posting about korean bbq!!! Make me crave for it too. Arghhhh!!!

random musings

Having a Christina Grimmie moment, listening to her songs all over. 😒


Met up with our financial consultant today. They have their own cafe in the office, so they will always serve us homecooked style dinners whenever we are there. Didn’t want rice this time though because we wanted to go somewhere else to eat but we didn’t want to waste the food.

Who knows… we talked for so long… the session ended at 10. By the time we got back, we were hungry.

So I made supper! TC finally got to try my awesome instant noodles with egg. Hiak hiak.

buffet at sun’s cafe

Sun’s cafe for their peranakan buffet.

Bought this offer from Fave! I’ve been here before, so I know the food is pretty okay, although the variety may be quite limited.

My plate of random.

Kueh pie tee!!

Pork mee sua from the cook station. I like the soup.
Oh. They have this very awesome pork belly soup, must go get.


Time to chill and debate on random topics.

wallhub . hafary

Back for the salted egg. πŸ˜‹

TC’s pacific dory looks good too.


Here at Wallhub to take a look at the wallpapers!

Gonna get something as the feature wall.


And next is… Hafary

This is the haven for tiles! Literally the Ikea of tiles. Hahaha. Think we really had a good time here.

Now I have a better idea of the kind of tiles that I can get and we can even do a ‘feature floor’. Hahahhaa!

Phone’s gallery is swamped with so many pictures. πŸ˜…


Got sooooo many of these jasmine flowers outside Singpost. Pretty!!!

Lots of bumble bees too.


Sushi Express has this new green tea mochi with red bean. Yuck. Got milky cream inside. 🀒

japanese snacks . thai gold food . victor’s kitchen . crave nasi lemak

Got these snacks some time ago. Left them aside for quite long because they just look damn milky until I was hungry this morning.

This one is eergh… taste wise ok. Texture all the way baddddd. Crumbly, powdery and it leaves a oily waxy feeling in the mouth. Eek. Hate it.

This is like 白色恋人, which I only like the milk chocolate ones. White chocolate is yucky to me. But this one! Woo! It’s good! It has this fragrance of honey. I love honey. πŸ‘


Lunch at Thai Gold Food which I’ve been seeing reviews on Burrple.

The tom yam soup quite good but I think got quite a lot MSG.

Omelette was quite good. Fluffy.

Pad see yew. Got wok hei.

Mixed vegetables. A bit salty.

Barbecue pork wasn’t what I was hoping for, so I was a bit disappointed. Not fatty enough… if only it was pork shoulder or cheek, it would be perfect.


The guys very scary leh… I think they still wanna have some bites and we ended up in Victor’s Kitchen. Ordered so many food!!! 😫

Xiao long bao. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

You’ll love it if you are a fan of buttery crust.


Please let me get it. πŸ™


Nasi lemak for dinner.

Chicken wing set is $5.90. Chicken wing on point, egg still runny. πŸ‘
I like the long grain rice. Omg. If I wasn’t careful enough, I would have finished the whole plate of rice. πŸ˜…

They have the satay chicken set on promo now, $9.90 with a calamansi drink.

Quite surprise that Crave is by Selera Rasi at Adam Road. I’ve been there before but I don’t find it specially good.

korean snacks . samsung note 8

😍 Perfect wedding decor.


Watched this right before I left office.

And I went to get the one which was highly recommended. Muahahaha! But looks a bit different from the one in the video leh… nevermind, try this first. This snack is called, Jjang Gu.

Very crunchy… hmm… but nope. I wouldn’t get this again. It’s had that taste of artificial sweetener which… ya… stevia is part of the ingredients or maybe it’s the nutmeg. I only had a handful and the rest I leave it to TC.

I hope this is good.

Can’t taste the green tea, too mild. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just get their classic la. Hahaha!


Have you seen the Note 8?
It’s awesome. It’s perfect. I miss having Note after all the Note 7 saga, and I settled with a S7 Edge.

The new functions are seriously amazing, so when I was talking about it with my IT colleague, we were like screaming with joy. Hahahaha! Sorry, techy girls are like that, we don’t go crazy over girly things.

Oh! Especially the DeX stand. 😍😍😍😍😍 I love.

Gonna pre-register tomorrow. Don’t stop me.


Omg. She is so so so so soooooo clingy today.

Then she just sits there and watching TC. Hahahahha… laugh die me.

seng kee black herbal chicken soup

Blow my nose too much. I think it’s falling off.

Is it I suay? When it’s my queue number next, the doctors have to take a break. 😧


Waiting for dinner from Seng Kee now. πŸ˜‹

Chao ta bee hoon! Taste nice but dry. It need to be dry in order to be chao ta. Oh well, I had to add some soup in if not it will bd too dry for my throat.

Black chicken soup is very nice! Thanks to TC for the ❀ food delivery!

I prepared chin chow with honey drink. πŸ‘ Too full now. I dunno is I drowsy or food coma. πŸ˜…