buttercake n cream . windowsill pies

Lunch. Felt like I very long never had popiah already!


Waiting for the guy to get his 4D.


Had some tutu kueh!

Oh boy. I was so angry when I went back to get it the second time, the auntie just skip me when I was standing right in front of her, she took the order of the girl who was next in queue.

Until TC came and ask me, why so long and I spoke very loudly, “I dunno why the auntie don’t take my order when I’m at the front of the queue.” Not even a sorry from the auntie.

Damn you. I won’t be back. 😡 Nice also so what? Doesn’t give you the right to be rude.


At Buttercake n Cream, the drinks got special names.

The lights here very dim and warm, very bad for pictures.

I got the Snowy Paddle Pop! Taste nothing like paddle pop and the ice cream is like condensed milk… very milky. 😟

The truffled fries is quite good and we were thinking if they even washed the bag which the fries was served in. 🤔 Better don’t over think of not don’t need to eat already.

TC had the chicken leg.

While I had the pork cheek? Pork steak? I can’t remember but it was really good.

We had the chocolate lava cake and strawberry shortcake too. Passable la, not super amazing.


Moved on to Windowsill Pies for more desserts and coffee. Really too much. Too full to make any comments. 😕

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