tifa is not eating

Tifa is not eating or pooping when we woke up, she’s not even tempted by her favourite treats. Outright refused. 😫

So I had to take urgent leave because it’s a emergency already. Rabbits that have GI Stasis may die within 24 hrs if not treated… 😢

She’s in distress. Keep sitting in the toilet just hoping she could force her poop out. So tired until she wanna sleep in the toilet. Even if she’s out, she was so uncomfortable until she wouldn’t lay down. Haiz…

TC managed to massage her tummy and she let out a little fart. Then she starting begging me for treats because she remembered that I was trying to give her treats just now.


Finally got her first poop! And lying down.

Now I’m waiting for her 2nd poop, must make sure her guts are working fine.


The one good thing that happened today. 🙂


Got 2nd poop!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing my loved ones are healthy and safe. 😊
Or in Tifa’s case, eating and pooping well.

random musings

Breakfast in bed. ✌

Nom nom.


Visual migraine + actual migraine happened. 🤕
It was horrible.



Mee sua too dry if not it would be good.


TC decorated these cupcakes during a workshop held by My Sister Bakes. The cake is really nice but I’m still not a fan of cream (mostly due to the milky or butter smell) even though I know it’s made with their best ingredients.

mary’s cafe

In my Snoopy shirt!!! So cute hor? 😁
I hope 4 Aug comes soon, my lashes are almost not there le, not obvious. 😞


Went for lunch at this little cafe in a church. My colleague raved a lot about this fried mee siam but I think it’s alright only leh. Hahahaha… The thing that makes the food good is that heartwarming feel because it’s prepared by the Grandmas working in the cafe. Not your usual hipster cafe yo.

$8.50 comes with a dessert and a drink.


Popeyes for dinner! 🤘

aroy dee thai kitchen

Department lunch meeting. Ate too much again. 😋


Thai milk tea was alright.

Omg. I like the stir-fried tang hoon!

TC’s pork rice.

And we shared a mango sticky rice! 😋😋

Talked alot about the new venture that TC is going into. It sounds very interesting, I hope that things will work out for him.

My job is just plain boring now, it’s gotten stagnant to the point that… haiz… I’m just not the kind of person who sits down and wait for something to happen.