peach garden

Dinner with the family! Sister has got vouchers from Peach Garden.
Fried white bait. Erm. Not nice.

Char siew tastes so mediocre… it makes us want to cry.

Peking duck could be better.

Claypot brinjal was the only dish that tastes good. Lol.

Wasabi prawns looks poisonous. 🤣🤣🤣


Cake from my interns. 🙏

I really don’t expect anybody to gift me anything, so I’m very thankful if there’s any. Even if it’s something very small. It’s the heart that matters.

I rather people don’t spend money on me because it makes me feel like a burden to them. I don’t like to be a burden even if they don’t mind but I mind. Lol lol. I’m weird like that la. I will feel damn paiseh, then try to find ways to return back. 😌