random musings

Really think I have had too much fries or fastfood lately.


A director is leaving, so we’re here as a farewell party. Image kenna cropped… I can’t fit all old and new colleagues in. 😅

random musings

Wanted to try the Salmon Mentai Don near office but it is closed until 4 July. 😣 Why so suay. Went for Korean food instead.

Hungry hungry…

The bibimbap legit good leh. Omg. I may come back again for this because other places don’t serve bibimbap in stone pot.


Waaa… today suay or what… the trains all down. Decided to go for dinner with colleagues before heading home.

The chicken very plump leh. Nice.

Fish head curry again. 😂

mcdonald’s banana hot fudge sundae

Picture of my lunch above!

By the way, we met a private jeweller today to look at the wedding bands. He really did offer us quite a lot of designs but it’s not to my liking. Even if I ask him to customise, the price will be doubled of what I wanted.

We’ll be going back to Michael Trio.


Banana hot fudge sundae… I really don’t like the artificial banana taste. 😕