thailand day 4 – bangkok . sabx2 wanton mee . let’s relax spa . chatramue

Quick breakfast. A lot of last minute shopping to do today.


Went to queue for that popular aka highly raved SabX2 Wanton Noodles.

Damn it. People who say this is good never had really good wanton mee before. Waste time queue.

But I must give credit to the stew pork. Very garlicky and the meat just melts in your mouth.


Got my crepe from Platinum Fashion Mall‘s basement!!


Swensen’s Ice cream to cool down and we actually napped a little. Too tired.


Omg loooo… the bunny so cute!!! But the little ornament no stock liao. Walao. I almost wanted to just buy the plant back.


Massage again!!! This time at Let’s Relax and I have to say that it was 100% shiok even my Mum and Sis agree. Plus, the mango sticky rice made us 120% shiok. Hahahha.

They regret never coming Let’s Relax more because my Sis la… she say the shop don’t look good. Walao… it’s the quality that matters okay. I can come here twice with the amount I spend at Healthland.


Omg… ChaTraMue’s Thai milk tea ice cream so nice. You can find it in Singapore too!

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